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 * ESCS Launches Aerospace Spares Website
  Press Release-.........Due to the increased demand for Quality
Aerospace Spares……......Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Inc. has introduced its latest website dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the many repair & overhaul companies that require a distributor with an AS9120 Quality Certification.
ECSC says “If it Floats, Flies or Rolls we support it” This added service is seen as a tremendous benefit for both military and aerospace companies that are trying to combat counterfeits while fulfilling their just in time requirements.
Visit http://www.aerospacespares.com/ today to experience the many free tools ESCS has to offer.
 * Electronic Supply Chain Solution Inc "Evidence Based Protocols" to Combat Counterfeits
  Despite the substantial prevalence and adverse consequences of counterfeiting, the knowledge related to preventing these problems, is neither widely available nor promoted in the electronics industry. Given the financial restrictions facing companies today, guidance is needed to direct the limited available resources toward the protection of a quality management system that has a proven effectiveness. To support this effort, ESCS utilizes evidence based protocols that mitigate the risk to aid in the prevention of counterfeit components in the supply chain. Many companies restriction of added suppliers has been proven counter productive and does not address the real need to review the whole current AVL.

ESCS performs supplier reviews. The purpose of these is to highlight prevention and early intervention that has a demonstrated proven effectiveness. ESCS identifies the scope of each supplier i.e.: only relays or only connectors and then evaluates not only their on-time track record but also their practices, or quality certifications such as AS9120 in the case of an aerospace electronic component distributor which would lay the framework of a valued supplier. ESCS also provides a comprehensive annual review of the suppliers total performance with evidence based metrics kept during the year. This serves as empirical evidence of the need to retain or discard each supplier and identifies any short comings or demanded areas of improvement in order for them to remain on the ESCS AVL (approved vendor list)
As an independent we have a broader vision of where the world inventory is coming from and can safeguard companies from the pitfalls of dealing with high-risk individuals. Our current evidence base protocols provide direction for our customers regarding counterfeit product prevention through early intervention services. This information can be useful when standard channels or practices are not available or effective.
Large prime military companies are looking towards companies like ESCS that have focused their efforts on the education and preventive measures that manufactures need to take. ESCS is paving the future directions for companies as they try to combat counterfeits in their supply chain.
This year ESCS introduced http://www.icphotosynth.com/ technology. The ICphotosynth links text, data sheets and photographs of our inventory as an individual web page incorporating the image and information of the exact part and date code that will arrive on your dock at 9:00am. This service was added to the very successful CLICKnGO launch pad portal for buyers and engineers. ESCS was the third U.S. electronic distributor to become certified to the Aerospace AS9120 quality standard. By completing its fourth annual aerospace AS9120 audit with a 98.9%, ESCS continues to prove they are a quality advocate. ESCS is also part of the CACP “Collation Against Counterfeiters and Piracy.” ESCS shares valuable information from the CACP and members of the U.S. Chamber of Congress. ESCS supplies information to its customers upon request and maintains http://www.combatcounterfeits.com/ which provides everyone free information to safeguard your supply chain. Explore our site to learn of our participation in the recent world counterfeiting summit in Washington
ESCS consultative services are provided as a free service. To learn how you can use “Evidence-Based Practices for Preventing Counterfeits,”
 * 2007 ESCS Introduces the ICphotosynth
  An ICphotosynth experience begins with a visit to www.icphotosynth.com. At first glance they may seem to be nothing more than a collection of digital photos. They are actually images captured by our AS9120 quality certified inspection team. Each photo is taken under a microscope and processed by our staff in order to highlight valuable distinctive features such as; part numbers, mfg logos, date codes, lot codes, or any special part markings (i.e. test dots). Photos that have small text or markings that wrap around the part are taken in a series that gives you a virtual 3D view of the entire part. Every date code is photographed separately to meet the requirements necessary to document split lot traceability as part of our AS9120 certification. The ICphotosynth offers benefits you will come to demand and rely on, and are only available at Electronic Supply Chain Solutions.

Imagine being able to request a photo of the product you purchased before it arrives! At ESCS you can! The ICphotosynth shows you the exact component in our inventory that will be on your dock tomorrow. ICphotosynth user friendly interface provides easy access for exploring a collection of photos in the ESCS inventory. Not all inventory at ESCS is displayed. Many parts been procured and tested to a customer drawing, and are earmarked for their future orders. All product at ESCS either comes with a factory C of C, or an MFG franchised distributor. Product that is procured and that does not have this tractability is sent out for testing. At ESCS all products received, even if it leaves the same day, is photographed. If we sourced the product specifically for you the photos will always be available upon your request. This service can aid in product liability, and is only available to OEM’s & CM’s as we don’t sell to brokers!

Navigate photos in the ICphotosynth & get Data Sheets as well.
ICphotosynth not only provides photos, but it also has an impressive feature which provides the ability to type in all or part of a component part number, and to navigate to the exact or similar part with a different value. This is great for teaching, or for knowing what a typical part looks like. Whether it's ICphotosynth collection of hundreds of photos, the ability to zoom in on the leads, or small part markings ESCS has made it simple to shop for quality components. You can search our Google image page by typing in the part number you need, and the ICphotosynth will then appear for you to share or save the image for later viewing. Need a Data Sheet to send along? Request millions of data sheets from the same page!

The ESCS ICphotosynth Technology

The ICphotosynth links both text and photographs into a individual web page incorporating the image and information. The content will evolve and change over time. Who can say where the future will take us? The ESCS ICphotosynth started out as an idea to create a web page for every part we owned, and now every part we have sold! We are excited about the possibilities, and would like to hear you ideas and/or suggestions.

This technology is provided by the same company that invented the CLICKnGO launch pad portal for buyers and engineers. ESCS was the third U.S. electronic distributor to become certified to the Aerospace AS9120 quality standard. And now after the fourth annual independent aerospace audit, ESCS continues to prove they are a quality advocate. ESCS is part of the CACP “Collation Against Counterfeiters and Piracy.” ESCS receives valuable information from the CACP and members of the U.S. Chamber of Congress. They supply information to its customers upon request so they can Combat Counterfeits. ESCS also maintains a link www.combatcounterfeits.com which
 * 2007 First Robotics National Competition (April 2007)   ----- >   To learn more
  The  National Championship Wraps up the Season !

Congratulations to the East Lake Robotics Team Krunch79, sponsored by ESCS & Honeywell which competed this past weekend and took 2nd place in the Nationals in Atlanta, GA

Team Krunch79 achievements for the 2007 Competition Season included:

  • 2007 FIRST Robotics National Finalist (Placed 2nd)
  • The Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship Award (In Las Vegas - 2007) - which celebrates outstanding sportsmanship and continuous gracious professionalism in the heat of competition, both on and off the playing field.
  • The  XEROX Creativity Award which celebrates creativity in design, use of component, or strategy of play.
  • The 2007 Regional Chairman's Award (only team to achieve 5 Consecutive Years)

Florida Governor Charlie Crist's office, has requested  Team 79 to come to Tallahassee for a "press conference and meeting" with the Governor. 

ESCS continues its support of Team Krunch 79 throughout 2007 as they offer summer work shops and other exciting events. Visit www.krunch79.com to learn more!
Join us in 2008! It will be Krunch time as Team 79 will be up for a new challenge!
 * ESCS Addresses Counterfeit Measures (March 2007)
  ESCS President Matthew Heaphy III addresses Counterfeits Measures taken thus far.

“We are very proud to be one of a few select companies that currently participate in the Global Anti-Counterfeiting and Piracy Initiative. We were honored to have joined those who are implementing this program and look forward to a continued relationship with U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coalition Against Counterfeiting (CACP). As a certified Aerospace AS9120 quality electronic component distributor, Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is committed to helping them further communicate this problem and develop policies for quality assurance and anti-counterfeit strategies. We believe that providing our customers valuable information empowers them to make sound business decisions. We are proactive with both our approved suppliers and customers in protecting the supply chain against counterfeits."
 * Supply Chain Webinar February 21, 2007
  Join ESCS and it's fellow members of the Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (CACP) for a Webinar
Wednesday, February 21, 2007, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. EST
Hot link to- Webinar - No Trade in Fakes Supply Chain

Topic of Webinar Discussion
The growing problems of counterfeiting and piracy threaten businesses and consumers in nearly every region of the world but one important area over which businesses can exert a large measure of control is the security of their supply chains.

To help companies improve their knowledge in their supply chain security, ESCS along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (CACP) will showcase
a 90-minute educational Webinar on supply chain security.

This interactive Webinar will focus on proven strategies and techniques companies, both small and large, can employ to protect their supply chains from counterfeiters and modern-day pirates.

This Webinar will feature successful ways that companies protect their supply chains—including strategies for purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, sourcing, packaging, distribution, quality and more.
To learn more visit

Register Today!

 * National Engineers Week 2007 One small step for mankind. Hooray for Congress!
  Five months ago ESCS President Matthew Heaphy published an Aug. 28th 2006 article in EE Times asking us to invest in our children, the future engineers by supporting the First Robotics program in your town. January 30, 2007 the US Congress passed resolution 59 making February 17th 2007 National Engineers Week. Congratulations to all who chose engineering as a profession. As the ESCS ad in Electronic Supply & Manufacturing magazine stated While China & India strive for world dominance the totals of engineers graduating in China 300,000 India 200,000 and the USA just 60,000 we all need to bring awareness to the need for more women and men to enter a field we all can agree adds tremendous value to the quality of life on earth. “This is just one small step”. Please find out how you can make a difference in helping the USA in it’s time of need by visiting http://thomas.loc.gov/home/gpoxmlc110/hr59_ih.xml  & http://eweekdcfamilyday.org/index.html to learn more!
 * ESCS joins US Chamber of Commerce - CACP
  ESCS joins US Chamber of Commerce - Coalition Against Counterfeiting & Piracy
Visit CACP to learn more
 * ESCS White paper addresses counterfeit parts
Click here for white white paper
 * ESCS partners with Honeywell & East Lake High School for 2007 First Robotics Competion
Visit First Robotics Site  http://www.usfirst.org
 * ESCS - DSCC Page
  Electronic Supply Chain Solutions adds DSCC hot links to it's ESCS CLICK-n-GO Launch Pad
  Military customers can now save time by directly finding the information they need  all from one location.

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 * ESCS Blogger Site
ESCS new Blogger Site:  http://escs9120.blogspot.com/
 * ESCS meets with NASA
December 7, 2006 Kennedy Space Center While the space shuttle Discovery launch was called off on account of weather, ESCS staff met in a joint council meeting with NASA, Boeing, Space Gateway Support, and the United Space Alliance to discuss the benefits of Electronic Supply Chain Solution's AS9120 quality certification and web resources. All in attendance were eager to share the capabilities ESCS will supply to their staff and their sub contractors. Recommendations to further talks with defense contractors: Northrop Grumman, DRS , Harris, L-3, General Dynamics, BAE , Lockheed Martin, and others were highly encouraged. See what’s new at the ESCS CLICKnGO Launch Pad http://www.escsclickngo.com
 * ESCS article in EE Times in the Aug, 28 2006 Crosstalk  section
     (Town hall for the electronics community)
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions asks it's suppliers and customers to invest time, money, love, and wisdom in children, our future engineers. Find out how you or your child can get involved in your local schools to mentor or lend support to robotics and the world of engineering.
 * ESCS CLICK-n-GO LAUNCH PAD - Great tool for Contact Manufacturers
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions CLICK-n-GO Launch Pad seen as a tremendous advantage to Contract Manufacturers, We have seen a surge in traffic since our launch of the CLICK-n-GO in Dec. 2005. Most seems to be from contact manufacturers who purchase by customer which requires them to be an authority on where to locate all the required components for a build. The CLICK-n-GO launch Pad empowers the buyers with the direct links to the manufacturers of a particular commodity saving time and money when sourcing product that may not be on a contract. One buyer recently described it as "My favorites on steroids"

Our new lead-free enhancement includes hotlinks to Manufacturer RoHS initiatives!

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 * ESCS strategic alliance with Ledtech (Franchise News)
April 1, 2006

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions has just announced it has formed a Strategic Alliance with Ledtech.

 * ESCS 3rd Quarter Heats Up

The 3rd quarter at Electronic Supply Chain Solutions heats up as ESCS completes it's annual Aerospace 9120 quality audit and publishes the ESCS CLICK-n-GO launch Pad in Electronic Supply & Manufacturing Magazine. "There is not a day that goes by that a company or buyer does not call us to complement us on our commitment to quality or the benefit that they have received by utilizing our website says ESCS President Matthew Heaphy. We believe in providing our customers with the information needed for sound business decisions. It has been the cornerstone of our many successes. Our ad in Electronic Supply & Manufacturing Magazine will provide more buyers with this valuable tool."

ESCS was independently certified to the Aerospace9120 & ISO 9001-2000 Quality standard for over a year now and are shocked to find that only a small handful of electronic component distributors have attempted to measure up to this standard that NASA and others have stated as a must. ESCS is a quality advocate. Look at our quality pages to learn the benefits of a quality management system.

 * Team Krunch 79 wins Governors Award (View Photo Album: Click Here)
Team Krunch 79 with the help of Honeywell engineers and other mentors competed amongst 60 teams on March 10, 2006 to become the  2006 FRC Florida Regional Winning Alliance ...
* ESCS partners with Honeywell to support youth in Robotic Competition_2
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions has just announced its sponsorship of the Krunch 79 East Lake High School robotics team.  ESCS President Matthew Heaphy proclaimed "Robots are not only a great way to inspire students to learn about math, science and technology.  They also give students a first-hand look at the exciting world of mechanics and electronics and their real-world application.” 
* ESCS partners with Honeywell to support youth in Robotic Competition_1
  Robotic Competition
* Oxebridge Latest Press Release Dec 1st,  2005
Clearwater FL --- Electronic Supply Chain Solutions (ESCS) has launched its new website, designed not only to be a source of information about ESCS and its services, but also a user-oriented portal for buyers of aerospace components. ESCS sources hard-to-find electronic components and other items for the aerospace industry.
* NQA Press Release Nov 4th,  2005
After becoming the 3rd Electronic distributor in the U.S. to achieve the highest quality standard of Aerospace 9120 in addition to their ISO9001-2000 on August 5th 2005 ESCS was audited 90 days later with the following statement from NQA
* NASA Memo "Encourages" AS9100 Certification for Existing and Potential Suppliers
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released a memo to all current and potential suppliers encouraging compliance and certification to AS9100: The statement indicates that NASA is on the lookout for AS9100 qualified suppliers, saying, "Manufacturers, suppliers and service organizations who regard quality management as a key business driver are highly desired as NASA hardware and service providers."
* ESCS Sept 28th, 2005 NQA, USA issues a Press Release
National Quality Assurance, USA recommends Electronic Supply Chain Solutions for AS9120
* ESCS Sept 19th, 2005 received it's AS9120 Certificate from NQA, USA
ESCS AS9120 Certificate
* Click Here (ESCS Contracts with Oxebridge)
  Clearwater FL --- Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. has contracted with Oxebridge Quality Resources for implementation of AS9120 of its Clearwater FL operations.  ESCS is a procurer of electronic components for the aerospace and related industries, specializing in obtaining hard-to-find commodities.
* Click Here (Quality resources)
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