Semiconductor - Digital - Specialized Logic IC's

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Automotive IC Manufacturers


Austria Mikro Systeme International AG "AMS"

Delphi Automotive Systems

{Automotive ICs}

Motorola, Inc
{Automotive ICs, Local Interconnect Network (LIN) ICs}

Oki Semiconductor
{Car Telephone ICs}

{Automotive IC Manufacturer}

DSP Functions

Advanced Hardware Architectures
{Data Compression-Forward Error Correction ICs}

{Programmable FIR Filters - Multipliers ICs}

Fairchild Semiconductor, Corp.
{Correlator ICs}

{Multipliers-Filters-Synthesizers-Correlator-Accumulator ICs}

LOGIC Devices
{Pipe Line Registers - ALU - Multipliers - Barrel Shifter - Summers}

{Digital Filters - Multipliers}


FIFO IC Manufacturers

{Synchronous-Low Voltage-Clocked-Asynchronous FIFO ICs}

Integrated Device Technology Inc. 'IDT'

Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc.
{x9-x18-x36-BiFIFO ICs}

Logic Devices
{Synchronous FIFO ICs - Asynchronous FIFO ICs-x9}


National Semiconductor

NEC Corp.

Sharp Microelectronics
{Clocked Synchronous FIFO ICs-Synchronous Bidirectional FIFO ICs-Asynchronous x9 FIFO ICs}

Texas Instruments 'TI'

Compression and Error Correction IC's

Advanced Hardware Architectures 'AHA'
{Reed-Solomon-FEC-ALDC/DCLZ/JBIG Compression}

IBM Microelectronics
{ALDC Compression}

LSI Logic Corp.
{Reed Solomon (Forward Error Correction) Encoder/Decoder IC Manufacturer}

Uncategorized IC Manufacturers

California Micro Devices
{Dividers-Terminations-ESD-PIA IC Manufacturer}

E Lab
{Serial to Parallel - Printer IC}

IBM Microelectronics
{Infrared-Fiber Optic-Serial Digital Storage}

ROHM Products
{Serial in Parallel out IC Manufacturer}


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