Semiconductor - Analog / Mixed Signal
RF IC Manufacturers

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Advanced Control Components Inc.
{RF Detectors/Limiters/Threshold-Coupler Detectors/PIN Diode Attenuators/PIN Diode/Phase Shifters}

Advanced Power Technology 'APT'
{RF Power VDMOS, LDMOS, Bipolar Transistors}

Advanced Technical Materials 'ATM'
{Coaxial Components}

{RF ICs - Hybrid Devices}

ALC Microwave
{Amplifiers, Converters, Log Video}

Alpha Microelectronics Inc.
{RF Receiver Manufacturer}

American Microsystems Inc. 'AMI'
{DTMF-Telcom-Programmable Filter-Codec-A Law}

Amplifier Research
{Power Amps}

{Power Amps-PIN diodes-Attenuators-Detectors}

Anaren Microwave

Anatech Electronics Inc.
{Filters-Duplexers-Multiplexers-Switched Filer Banks}

{High Speed Amplifier - Bias Tee}

Atlantic Microwave Corp.

California Eastern Lab
{HEMT Manufacturers}

Celeritek Inc.
{Power Amplifier Manufacturer}

CML Microcircuits


Cougar Components Corp.
{Amplifiers, Detectors, Attenuator, Limiters, Mixers}

CTT Inc.
{Microwave and RF amplifiers and subassemblies}

DAICO Industries, Inc.
{RF Digital Attenuators, Phase Shufters, Bi-Phase Modulators}

Delta Microwave
{Custom and standard RF and Microwave components}

Discovery Semiconductors, Inc.

DiTom Microwave Inc.
{Ferrite Isolators and Circulators}

Enon Microwave Inc.
{Limiters and Control Assemblies}

Eyal Microwave Industry

{RF/ Microwave Filter Manufacturer}

{Combiners, Filters, Isolators, Amplifiers, Millimetre-wave radio transceivers/Filters, Multicouplers, Power Amplifiers/Dividers/Combiners, Wideband Tuner, Demodulator}

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
{RF Amplifier ICs, CATV, GPS}

{Detectors, Comb Generators, Limiters, GaAsFet Amplifiers}

{MMIC Manufacturer}

Hill Engineering

Hittite Microwave Corp.
{Surface Mount Passive IC Mixer}


Inmet Corp. 'Aeroflex'
{Fixed Attenuators, Terminators, Coaxial Adapters, DC Blocks, Equalizer}

Integra Technologies Inc.
{Microwave and RF Power Transistors, and RF Modules }

Integrated Microwave
{RF Filter Manufacturers}

Integration Associates
{Wireless Products}

{Amplifier-Video Amp}

JCA Technology
{Ultra Broad Band Amplifier Manufacturer}

JDS Uniphase Corp.
{Switching, Coupling, Splitting}

Johanson Manufacturing Corp.
{Microwave Tuning Elements}

K&L Microwave
{Microwave/RF Filters}

KW Microwave
{Microwave/RF Filters}

LEN Video Filters
{RF Video filter Manufacturer}

LSI Logic
{Wireless IC Manufacturer}

M2 Global Technology Inc.
{Isolators, Circulators & Waveguide Assemblies/Components}

Marconi Optical Components "Bookham Technology"
{mmWave/MESFET/pHEMT Amplifiers-Attenuators}

Marki Microwave Inc.
{Frequency mixers and converters, DC to 65 GHz}

{Video Amplifier/Buffer-Video RGB Switch}

MECA Electronics Inc.
{Attenuators-Couplers-Terminations- Power Dividers}

{Radio-Frequency ICs (RFICs) - FSK/FM/ASK}

Merrimac Industries Inc.
{Power Dividers-Filters-Couplers}

Micro Communications Inc.
{Waveguide Components - Coaxial Components}

Micronetics Wireless, Inc.

Microphase Corp.
{filters, diplexers, multiplexers, detectors, DLVAs, SDLVAs, microwave amplifiers, integrated assemblies}

Microwave Components Laboratories Inc. 'MCLI'

Microwave Filter Company
{Passive electronic filter Manufacturer}


Mitsubishi Semiconductor


NJR Corporation
{RF Modulator IC-SAW Filter Manufacturer}

{YIG Devices - Detectors - Limiters - COMB Generators}

Pacific Monolithics
{Single/Dual Supply Power Amps, Single Supply LNA, Single Supply Attenuator}

Pascall Electronics Ltd
{Digital Phase Detector,Discriminators,Logarithmic Amplifiers,Attenuators,Directional Couplers,IF Limiters}

Pole/Zero Corp.
{Modular Digitally Tuned RF Filters and Preselectors}

Premier Devices 'PDI'
{Splitters, Couplers, Amplifiers, Oscillators, Circulators and VCO's}

Pulsar Microwave Corp.
{Attenuators, Bias Tees, Couplers, Frequency Doublers, Power Dividers}

Q Microwave, Inc.
{RF filters for integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs) or multi-function modules (MFMs)}


Radiometrix Ltd.
{RF Transceiver}


RelComm Technologies Inc.
{Application Specific RF Coaxial Relay Products}

{Amplifiers, Bias Tees, Diplexers, Filters}

Renaissance Electronics Corp.
{Ferrites (Isolators, Circulators), Switch Matrices, Fixed Attenuators, Power Combiners, Power Dividers}

Renesas Technology Corp
{RF Power Modules-FMIF-LNA Mixers-PLL Synthesizers}

RF Micro Devices Inc.
{power amplifiers, complete chip sets, receivers, transceiver, low noise amplifiers, mixers, gain blocks and driver amplifiers}

RF Monolithics
{RF Transceivers, RF Transmitters}

RS Microwave Company, Inc
{RF and microwave filter}

Sage Laboratories, Inc. 'Filtronic'
{Power Dividers, Couplers, Hybrids, Filters, Rotary Joints, Mixers and Phase Shifters}

Sharp Microelectronics
{RF and IR IC Manufacturer}

Sierra Microwave Technology
{Isolator/Circulators, Equalizer, Bias Tee}

Signal Technology Corp.
{Isolators & Circulators, Mixers & Discriminators, Switches & Switch Filter Assemblies, Amplifiers, Detectors & Limiters}

{SST-based Wireless Communications ASIC}

Silicon Laboratories
{Wireless RF transceiver/Synthesizer/Cesium Clock ICs/DDA/ProSLIC}

Sirenza Microdevices
{RF power amplifier components for wireless communications/networking markets}

{GPS Devices}

Skyworks Solutions Inc
{Hybrids, Couplers, Attenuator, WLAN Manufacturer}

Sony Semiconductor
{Driver/Power Amp-CDMA-Cellular-Pager}

{Power - Transistor - Power Module Manufacturer}

Taylor Microwave Inc.
{Power Dividers, Phase Shifters, Couplers, Bias Tees, Hybrids, Filters}

Temex Components
{Circulators, Isolators, Duplexers, Filters}


Triquint Semiconductor
{Switches-Wireless IC Manufacturer}

United Monolithic Semiconductors

Watkins-Johnson 'WJ'
{High Dynamic Range Amplifier Manufacturer}


{Low Power Mixed Signal RF ICs}

Zarlink Semiconductor
{Cellular-GPS-Wireless LAN ICs}


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