Passive Components

Resistor Manufacturers

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Accutek Microcircuit Corporation
{Resistor Networks, Series Network, R/2R Ladder network, Divider/Terminator - SIP, ZIP or DIP packaging}

Alpha Electronics Corp of America
{Manufacturers ultra precision resistors based on metal foil - thin film technology, used in instrumentation, defense, aerospace and space}

{RF Power Resistors}

{Power - Wirewound - Cement - Thick Film Resistors}

{Resistor Manufacturer}

Barry Industries Inc.
{RF Power Resistor Manufacturer}

BC Components "Vishay"

BI Technologies
{Resistor Manufacturer}

{Surface Mount Chip Resistor Arrays-Through Hole Resistor Networks}

{Precision Resistors / Resistor Networks}

California Micro Devices
{Zero W Arrays - Thin Film Resistor Networks}

Component General Inc.

CTS Corp.
{Through Hole/Surface Mount Resistors Networks-Surface Mount Chip Arrays}

Dale "Vishay"
{Film / Wire wound Resistor - Resistor Networks}

DuPont Microcircuit Materials
{Resistor - Surge Resistor Manufacturer}

EBG Inc.
{High Voltage/High Power Resistor}

{Square / Hardened / Thermic Protector Wire-wound Resistors}

Electro Technik

Hi-Tech Resistors Pvt. LTD.
{Wire Wound, Current Sense, Surface Mount, Fusible Resistors}

International Manufacturing Services 'ims'
{Resistor Manufacturer}

IRC - International Resistive Company
{Surface Mount-Wirewound-Networks-High voltage-Thick/Thin Film-Carbon-zero ohm Resistors}

{Metal Clad Wire Wound Resistor - Metal Foil Precision Conformally Coated/Hermetically Sealed Resistors-Current Sensing Resistors}

KOA Speer

K&M Electronics Inc. 'ITT Industries'

Meritek Electronics Corp.
{Carbon/Metal/Thick Film Resistors}


Micro-Ohm Corp.
{Power/Precision/Film/Metal Resistors}

{RF High Power Resistors}

Modulohm A/S

{High Voltage Resistor, SIP Resistor Networks}

NTE Electronics Inc.
{Flame Proof Resistors Metal Film / Aluminum Housed Power Wire-wound Resistors}

{Metal Oxide/Wire Wound/Metal Clad/Circuit Protection Resistors}

OhmCraft Inc.
{Thick film and thin film Resistor Manufacturer}

{Surface Mount-Carbon-Ceramic-Wire-Metal Oxide-Power-Glass enclosed-Plate Resistors}

Pacific Resistor Co. 'PRC'
{Power Resistor Manufacturer}

Panasonic Industrial Components
{Precision/Thick Film Resistors-Chip Array/Networks Resistors-Varistor}

{Fixed Resistor - Network Resistors}

{Standard, Power Film, Power Wirewound, Special}

Precision Resistive Products Inc.
{Audio Resistors-Ultra Precision-High Frequency-Extended Range-Precison SIP Voltage Dividers-Customized Resistors-Networks Resistors}

Precision Resistor Company, Inc. 'PRC'
{Ultra Precision, Power, SMD, Axial, Wirewound, Resistors, Sensors, and Shunts}

Pro-An Electronic Co. Ltd

RARA Electronics Corp.
{High power, metal clad,wire wound resistors / shunts / heaters}

RCD Components Inc.
{Wire-wound Precision/Power/Chassis Mount-Carbon-Metal Film/Oxide-Flame proof-Micro-Ceramic-Tubular-Network Resistors}

RF Power Components Inc. "Anaren"
{High Power Aluminum Nitride Resistors}

RF Techniques Inc.
{High Power RF Resistors/Attenuators/Terminations - Normal Resistors}


Roederstein "Vishay"
{Film / Wirewound Resistor - Thermistor - Resistor Networks}

ROHM Products
{Metal Film - Thick Film - Chip Resistor}

SEI Electronics, Inc.
{Chip / Axial Resistors}

Sprague "Vishay"
{Film / Wirewound Resistor - Resistor Networks}

State of the Art Inc.
{High Reliability Thick / Thin Film Resistors}

Texas Components Corp.
{Precision Resistor Manufacturer}

Thin Film Technology
{Chip Resistors}

Thunder Components Ltd.
{Chip Resistor Networks, SIP Networks, Fusible Resistors Precision Metal film, Metal Oxide Film, Carbon Film, Cement Wirewound, KNp Wirewound, Weldable, Zero Ohm Jumper Wire}

TMTEC Co., Ltd
{Chip resistor Manufacturer}

Token Passive Components
{General purpose-Power-High Voltage-Ultra Precision MIL-R-10509, MIL-R-55182 Resistors}

{Film/Wire wound Resistor-Resistor Networks}

{Cement/Chip/Carbon/Power Resistor}

Wilbrecht Electronics Inc
{Metal Foil- NASA/QPL qualified Resistors}

YESO, Ywh Chau Electric Co., Ltd
{Power resistor manufacturer}

Fixed Resistor Types
Carbon Composition Resistors:
Wirewound Resistors: Heat-Sinked, Phenlic, Ceramic, Flameproof, Enamel, Silicone Coated
Film Resistors: Cermet, Carbon Film, Metal Film, Metal Oxide Film,

Nonlinear Resistor Manufacturers

Advanced Thermal Products
{Thermistor PTC / NTC}

Ametherm Inc.
{PTC / NTC Circuit Protection Thermistor}

{NTC Thermistors, temperature measurement and temperature control specialists}

Dale "Vishay"
{Thermistor Manufacturer}

{Varistor - PTC/NTC Thermistor}

Honeywell Inc

Murata Electronics
{Thermistor Manufacturer}

{Varistor - Thermistor Manufacturer}

Quality Thermistor, Inc.
{NTC/PTC Commercial / Military / Aerospace Thermistor MIL-R-23648/9}

SEI Electronics, Inc

Semitec 'Ishizuka Electronics Corporation'
{Thermistor Manufacturer}

Sensor Scientific Inc.
{NTC Thermistor Manufacturer}

Skyline Technology Electronics Co., Ltd.
{Zinc Oxide Varistor manufacturers}

Sprague "Vishay"
{Film / Wirewound Resistor, Thermistor, Resistor Networks}

Therm-O-Disc Inc.
{NTC / PTC Thermistor Manufacturer}

{NTC/PTC Epoxy Coated Chip/Glass Encapsulated Thermistors}

TMTEC Co., Ltd
{NTC Thermistor Manufacturer}

United ChemiCon

US Sensors Corp.
{Thermistor - RTD Manufacturer}

{Thermistor Manufacturer}

Western Electronic Components
{NTC / PTC Thermistor}

{Varistor Manufacturer}

Semiconductor Resistor / Potentiometer Manufacturers

LinearDimensions Semiconductor
{Silicon Variable Resistor Manufacturer}

Summit Microelectronics Inc.
{Nonvolatile DACPOT}

ZMD America Inc.
{Digital Potentiometer Manufacturer}


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