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Solid State Relay Manufacturers 'SSR'

American Zettler, Inc.
{General Purpose/Automotive-HVAC-Power-Telcom}

{Miniature Solid State Relay-Time Delay Relays}

Celduc Group
{Solid State Relays}

Comus International
{Solid State Relay - SSR Module Boards}

Continental Industries, Inc. "Cii"
{DIN Rail Mount, Solid State Relays}

COSMO Electronics Corp.
{4-pin SIP/Panel Mount Solid State Relay-SSR MOS output relays}

Cougar Electronics Corp.
{Solid State Relay Manufacturers}

{I/O Modules/Mounting Boards}

{Solid State Relays}

Dionics Inc
{Power MOSFET Photovoltaic Relay Manufacturer}

International Rectifier
{Telcom Relays}

Magnecraft & Struthers-dunn

Micropac Industries Inc.
{Solid State Relay 'SSR' - Solid State Power Controller 'SSPC' Manufacturer}

{Solid State Relays}

NTE Electronics Inc.
{Solid State Relay Manufacturer}

Omron Electronics Inc.
{PCB-Low Signal-MOSFET-Solid State Relays}

Phoenix Contact
{Rail Mounted Solid State Relay Modules}

Picker Components Corp.

{Solid state relays, SCR thyristors, solid state contactors, IGBT based relay switching}

Sipex Corporation
{Solid State Relays}

Solid State Optronics Inc.
{Optically isolated Relays - MOSFET/SCR output}

{Time Delay Relay Manufacturer}

Teledyne Relays
{Commercial/Military-AC/DC/Bi-Direction Output Solid State Relays}

Mechanical Relay Manufacturers

Aleph International Corp.
{Mercury wetted-high power/voltage-high insulation resistance 'IR'-low thermal EMF, RF relays-SMT relays}

Altech Corp.
{Safety Relays}

American Electronic Components Inc.
{Large Current Relays}

American Relays Inc.
{Reed/High Voltage/Power Relays}

American Zettler, Inc.
{General Purpose/Automotive-HVAC-Power-Telcom}

{PCB Relay}

Celduc Group
{Reed Relays}

CII Technologies "Tyco"
{Relay Manufacturer}

CIMI Technologies 'Custom Industrial Mfg Inc.'

{Reed Relays}

Cougar Electronics Corp.
{PWB Board relays, Automotive, Time Delay, Latching, Reed Relay}

Comus International
{Dry, Mercury Wetted, High Voltage Reed Relay}

COSMO Electronics Corp.
{Reed Relay}

Coto Technology
{Dry Reed Switches - Reed Relay}

Cougar Electronics Corp.
{Printed Ckt./Board/Automotive/General Purpose/Time Delay/Reed/Latching Relays}

Deltrol Controls
{General Purpose-Power-Latching Relays-Buzzer/Clappers}

Detroit Coil Co.

E. Dold & Sohne KG
{PCB Relay}

Finder relays Inc.
{Power relay - Monitoring relays}

Gama Electronics
{Single Pole/Double Pole/Three Pole/Four Pole Relays}

Global Components & Controls

Greenwich Electronics Inc.
{Automotive/GP/Heavy Duty/Light Duty/Low Signal Relays}

Guardian Electronic Manufacturing Co.
{Mechanical 1 to 30 Amp}

{Reed Relays}

Hasco Components International Corp.
{Reed/Electromechanical Relay Manufacturer}


Leach International Corp.
{Military qualified subminiature and half-crystal can relays Commercial/Military}

Magnecraft & Struthers-dunn
{Commercial-Military Relay Manufacturer}

Magnetic Sensor Systems

MEDER electronic
{Reed Switches/Relays}

Million Spot Ltd.

NTE Electronics Inc.
{General-PCB-Power-Reed-Time Delay-Magnetic Latching}

Omron Electronics Inc.
{Mechanical-PCB-Low Signal}

Panasonic Electric Works
{Power-Signal-PhotoMOS-Automotive Relays}

Phoenix Contact
{Rail Mounted Mechanical Relay Modules}

Picker Components Corp.

Pickering Electronics
{Reed Relay}

Song Chuan
{Mechanical Relay Manufacturer}

Standex Electronics
{Reed Relays}

Teledyne Relays
{Mechanical Relays/TO5/Aerospace/Commercial Industrial}

Tyco Electronics
{Switching capabilities: dry circuit to 1,600A, up to 70kV, and as high as 6 GHz. Electromechanical Relay}

Unitra Dolam SA
{Reed switches-Reed relays}

World Products
{Automotive Power Relays}

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