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Motor Manufacturers

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A&P Technology Inc.
{DC Motors}

Advanced Micro Systems
{Stepper Motor - Encoder Manufacturer}

{AC Motors}

API Motion "Danaher Motion"
{Stepper Motors - DC Servo-Resolvers-Encoders-DC Motors-AC Brushless Servo Motors}

A-Power Electric Co.

{SubFractional Horsepower Gear Motors}

{Hobby Type Brushless Motor}

{Optical Encoders}

Bodine Electric Company
{Fractional horsepower motors, gear-motor Manufacturer}

Electronic AC DC Motor Drives, Parts and Repair Service, EMA Inc.
{Electronic Motor Drives, Transistor Parts, Circuit Boards, Encoders, Motion Control Electronics Repair For AC DC Drives and Irrigation Power Sources by EMA Inc}

EMI "Empire Magnetics Inc."
{Brushless-Stepper-AC-DC-Resolvers-Harsh Environments}

General Electric Co.
{AC/DC Motor Manufacturer}

Globe Motors
{Military Motors / Gear Boxes}


Hathaway Motion Control

Haydon Switch and Instrument, Inc.
{Subfractional horsepower stepper motor / Linear actuators}

Lebow Products Inc.
{Torque sensing/Force measurement equipment}

LEESON Electric Corp.
{AC/DC Motor Manufacturer}

{Motor - Generator Manufacturer}

Maxon Precision Motors
{Precision - mini Motor}

MicroKinetics Corp.
{Stepper Motor}

Micro Mo
{Precision Fractional Horse Power DC Motor}

Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd.
{Stepper Motor}

{Stepping Motors}

{2/4 Phase Stepper Motor}

Oriental Motor USA Corp.
{AC-Induction-Servo Motor}


Prem Magnetics Inc
{Disk Drive - Micro - Traction Motors}

QT Saehan Pte Ltd
{39, 42, 56 mm size Hybrid Stepper Motor}

QuickSilver Controls Inc.

RAE Corporation

Reliance Electric Motors 'Binkelman Corp.'

Saehan Electronics Co. Ltd.
{Stepper Motor Manufacturer}

{Manufacturer of sub-fractional horsepower stepper motors-linear actuators-synchronous motors}

Sanyo Denki
{Stepper motor Manufacturer}

Star micronics Inc
{Servo Stepper Amplifier / Motor-Brushless Servo Amplifier Motor}

{OEM Intelligent Servo Drives, Motion control products}

Tri-Tech, LLC

US Digital Corp.
{Optical Encoder - Inclinometers - Motion Control Products}


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