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High Voltage Capacitor Manufacturers

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Capacitor Industries
(Motor Capacitors / Chicago Condenser / SEI Capacitors)

Cornell Dubilier
{High Voltage Capacitors - Snubber Capacitors - AC/DC High Voltage Capacitor Manufacturer}

Custom Electronics Inc.
{High Voltage/High Temperature/High Reliability Mica Paper Capacitors-Electronic Assemblies}

Electrocube Inc.
{High Voltage Capacitor Manufacturer}

{High Voltage Capacitor Manufacturer}

High Energy Corp.
{High Voltage-Oil Filled/Ceramic Capacitors}

Hong Kong Film Capacitor (Shun Tai) Co Ltd
{Motor Run-Networks-Snubber Network-Pulse Snubber-Power RC Network-Power Filter - Fan Speed Regulator-Three Phase-Power Film}

Motor Capacitors Inc.
{High Voltage Microwave Capacitor Manufacturer}

Parallax Power Components
{High Voltage Metallized Polyproplyene Film, 240VAC to 660VAC up to 100C}

{High Voltage Capacitor Manufacturer}

TDl Inc.
{High Voltage Capacitors}

Union Technology Corp
(Radial Leaded & MLCC)


Misc. Capacitor Types

Aerovox Div. PPC
{AC Capacitors Manufacturer}

Amber Capacitors
{Metallized Film AC Capacitor Manufacturer}

American Technical Ceramics 'ATC'
{RF Capacitor - Power Capacitor - Film Capacitor Manufacturer}

{Microwave - Low Inductance Capacitor Manufacturer}

Barker Microfarads, Inc.
{Motor Start Capacitor Manufacturer}

Cambridge Capacitors Ltd.
{Lighting/Motor Run/Dual/DC/Power Electronics/Railway Capacitors}

Carli Electronics Co. Ltd.
{Metallized Polyester Film - Metallized Polypropylene - Polypropylene Film}

CCI Circuit Components Inc
{Decoupling Capacitor - Under mount Capacitor Manufacturer}

Commonwealth Sprague
{Motor run - Snubber Capacitor - Commutation Capacitors}

Cornell Dubilier
{Mica Capacitor Manufacturer}

Electronic Concepts Inc
{Polycarbonate - Hermetically Sealed Capacitor - Snubber - Unlytic - IGBT}

Elna America Inc.
{Double Layer Capacitor Manufacturer}


Evox Rifa
{Radial Leaded Paper Capacitor Manufacturer}

Hong Kong Film Capacitor (Shun Tai) Co Ltd
{Motor Run-Networks-Snubber Network-Pulse Snubber-Power RC Network-Power Filter-Fan Speed Regulator-Three Phase-Power Film}

{Polyester-Polypropylene-Snubber Capacitors}

Mallory "Vishay"
{Motor Start Capaciotr - RF Capacitors Manufacturer}

Motor Capacitors Inc.
{Metallized Polyester Film-Metallized Polypropylene-Dry-Oil Filled}

{Network Capacitors}

{NEOCAPACITOR Manufacturer}

{Mylar - Polyester Capacitor Manufacturer}

Panasonic Industrial Components
{Electric Double Layer Capacitor Manufacturer}

Semco Inc
{Dipped mica capacitor Manufacturer, Metal Clad Capacitors: fixed, metal clad, impregnated, mica or silvered mica capacitors}

Sheng Ye
{Metallic Membrane Capacitor Manufacturer}

{Capacitor Manufacturer}

{Capacitor Manufacturer}


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