Semiconductor - Diode Manufacturers

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Diode Manufacturers

ABB Semiconductors AG
{Fast Recovery Diode - Rectifier Diode - Welding Diode Manufacturer}

Advanced Semiconductor Inc. 'ASI'
{Microwave Diodes}

Advanced Power Technology "APT"
{Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes-Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky Diodes-High Voltage Schottky Diodes}

California Micro Devices
{ESD Protection Devices}

Central Semiconductor
{Switching Diodes-Schottky Diode-Low Leakage Diode-Stabistor Diodes-Zener Diodes-Rectifier Diodes-Current Limiting-Bridge}

Cheng-Yi Electronic Co. Ltd.
{Diode Rectifier Manufacturer, many types}

Collmer Semiconductor
{Part of Fuji Electric Co, Ltd}

Compensated Devices Inc. "Microsemi"
{Diodes-Regulators-Rectifier Diode-Reference Diode Manufacturer}

Continental Device India Limited "CDIL"
{General Purpose Diodes-Switching Diodes-Schottky Diodes-DIAC Trigger Diodes}

Cougar Electronics Corp.
{Selenium Rectifier Manufacturer}

Cree Inc.
{Silicon Carbide Schottky diodes; voltage rating of 300, 600, 1200volts; current rating from 1, 20amps}

{Current Regulator Diodes - Varactor Tuning Diodes}

Diodes Inc.
{Zener Diodes-Switching Diodes-Schottky Diodes-Rectifiers Fast/Super-Fast/Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Schottky Rectifier, Bridge Rectifier manufacturer}

Diotec GmbH
{Diodes-Bridge Rectifieres-bridges-Arrays}

Edal Industries
{Mfg. of Diodes, Bridges, Power Rectifiers, High Voltage Assemblies and Special Designs}

EIC Semiconductor Incorporated
{Diodes-Rectifier Diode-TVS Manufacturer}

Electronic Devices Inc. 'EDI'
{Axial Lead Rectifiers-Fast Recovery-Ultra-Fast Recovery-High-Voltage Assemblies}

eupec Inc
{Diode Bridge-AC Switch}

FCI 'First Components International'
{Bridge Diodes-Fast Efficient Rectifiers-High Voltage Diodes-Schottky Diode-Zener Diode-TVS Devices}

Fuji Electric Corp. of America
{Diodes, Fast Recovery, Schottky, high-voltage diodes}

HV Component Associates (HVCA)
{Diodes-Rectifier Diode-Bridges-Diode Assemblies}

Infineon Technologies
{PIN Diodes-Schottky Diodes-Tuning Diode-RF Diode Manufacturer}

International Rectifier
{Medium and high power rectifier manufacturer}

{Ultra Fast-Hyperfast-General Purpose Diode Manufacturer}

Knox Semiconductor, Inc.
{Military/Commercial diodes-Hyperabrupt/Abrupt Varactor tuning diodes-Current Regulator diode-Zener diodes}

Laserex Technologies
{Laser Diode Modules}


Metelics Corporation
{PIN and Schottky diodes}

{PIN, NIP, and Schottky Diodes, Microwave Devices, Tuning Varactors}

{Schottky-Rectifier-Signal-PIN-High Voltage-Zener-TVS-Array-Bridge-Varistor...}

Mitsubishi Semiconductor
{Diode Manufacturer}

MOSPEC Semiconductor
{Schottky Barrier Rectifiers, Ultra-fast Rectifier, Fast Recovery Rectifiers}

Mpulse Microwave
{Schottky Diodes - Varator Diode Manufacturer}

Naina Semiconductor Limited
{Axial lead plastic diodes, Metal diodes,Bridges, Auto diodes, Modules}

{Diode Manufacturer}

Nihon Inter Electronics Corp

Noise Com
{Noise Diode Manufacturer}

{Zener Diodes-GP-Temp compensated Diode-Varactor-PIN Diode-Surge Clamping Diode-Tuner}

NTT Electronics Corporation 'NEL'
{Photodiode Manufacturer}

ON Semiconductor
{Zener Diode - Rectifier Diode - TVS}

PAN JIT International Inc.
{Bridge-Standard-Fast/Super/Ultra Fast Rectifier-Transient Voltage Suppressors-Zener-Schottky Barrier}

{Standard Speed Diode - Fast Rectifier Diode Manufacturer}

{Power Diode Manufacturer}

Pro-An Electronic Co. Ltd

{Bridge-Fast/Super Fast Recovery-Glass Passivated-High Voltage-Schottky-Signal-Switching Diodes-Zener Diode}

Renesas Technology Corp
{High Frequency Diode-Vari Cap Diodes-PIN-Diodes-Schottky Barrier Diode-Small Signal Diode}

{Zener Diode-Switching Diode-Schottky Diode-Rectifier Diode}

{High Rel}

Semikron Inc
{Diode, Rectifier Diode}

Semtech Corp.

Sensitron Semiconductor
{Diode Manufacturer}

{Tele-com Rectifier Diodes-Schottky/Fast Recovery Diodes-Bridge-Surge Protection}

Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
{Varactor-Schottky Diodes - PIN Diode Manufacturer}

Solid State Devices Inc.
{Schottky Diodes - Rectifier Diodes - Bridge Rectifier Devices}

Solitron Devices Inc.
{Diodes - Rectifier - Power Schottky Rectifiers - Rectifier Assemblies}

{Power Diodes -Signal Schottky-Power Schottky-UltaFast-TurboSwitch-Zener-ASD}

Surge Components Inc.
{General Purpose-Schottky-Fast/Super Recovery-Bridge Rectifiers-TVS-Zener-Switching}

Taiwan Semiconductor Co.
{Rectifier Diodes - Silicon Bridge Rectifier Devices}

Toko America Inc
{Varactor Diode Manufacturer}

Transys Electronics
{Zener diodes, Switching diodes, Diode modules, Rectifier diodes}

{Schottky Diodes/Rectifiers-SuperFast/UltraFast Recovery Rectifiers-Bridge-Switching-Zener-TVS}

Voltage Multiplies, Inc.
{Diodes, Rectifier Assemblies}

{Rectifier Diode-Fast Recovery Diode Manufacturer}

Won-Top Electronics Co., Ltd.
{Diode, Rectifier Manufacturer}

Zarlink Semiconductor
{Surge Protection Device}

Zetex Semiconductors
{High Performance Diode Manufacturer}


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