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American Rugged Enclosures 'ARE'
{MB I, II, RAID Chassis}

APW Electronic Solutions
{Powered Subracks-Card Cages}

AP Labs
{SCSI - Card Cages}

Bi Ra Systems
{Powered Crates in CAMAC,NIM,FASTBUS and Blowers & Cooling units}

Buckeye Shapeform

Bud Industries
{Metal Enclosures-Plastic Boxes-Chassis-Card Racks}

C-MAC MicroTechnology

Carlo Gavazzi
{Multibus MB II Chassis}

Chassis Plans
{Rugged Rackmount Chassis, Rack Mount LCD Keyboards, Single Board Computers{Multibus MB II Chassis}

Chih Kang Material Company Ltd.
{Case, Chassis, Enclosure, Rackmount, Cabinet}

CMP Enclosures

Cytec Corp.
{Industrial Rack Mount/Wall Mount Chassis-Notebook}

Dawn VME Products
{Accessories-BackPlane-Card Cage-Extenders-Adaptors-Front/Filler Panels}

Duel Systems
{PCMCIA cases}

Eldon Enclosures
{Console-Wall Mounting-Floor Standing-Power Distribution-Shielded-Telcom-Outdoor}

{Instrument Case}


General Devices

Hammond Manufacturing
{Small Electronic Enclosures}

{Instrument/Transit Case-Cabinets}

KineticSystems Company, LLC
{CAMAC Crates}

Knurr USA Inc.
{Racks-Consoles-Modular Workstations-Bench Cases-Chassis-Enclosures}

MAC Panel

Par-Metal Products Inc.
{Metal Rack Mount Boxes-Handles-Slides-Shelves-Front Panels}

{Plastic Electronic Instrument Enclosure, Plastic Box}

Real Time Devices USA, Inc. "rtd"
{Manufactures the IDAN Intelligent Data Acquisition Node; PC/104 or PC-104-Plus enclosed system}

Rose-Bopla Enclosures
{Bench Cases-Enclosures-EMI/RFI}

Schroff North America
{Cases-SubRacks-Accessories-ATCA Chassis}

OKW Enclosures Inc.
{Plastic/Metal Cases/Enclosures}

SERPAC Electronic Enclosures.
{Plastic Cases, Boxes, Enclosures}

Tracewell Systems

West Hyde Electronics

{NIM/CAMAC Crates}

Zero Enclosures "APW"

Zimm Manufacturing
{Manufacturing a wide range of Standard Circuit Board and Electronic Enclosures}

Zoltech Corp.
{Custom Chassis}

Transport/Transit Case Vendors

Dolch Computer Systems Inc.
{Transit Cases}

ECS Composites
{Transit/Tote/Military/Rackmount/Custom Cases}

Hardigg Industries
{19" EIA cases Transit Cases}

Knurr USA Inc.
{Outdoor to [Military] MIL-STD-810}

New Innovative Products, Inc.
{Transit Cases to [Military] MIL-C-4150}

Pelican Products
{Light Weight Water Tight Carrying cases}

Quantum Scientific Inc.
{Shipping case}


SKB {Transit Cases, ATA Cases}

Star Case Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Thales Computers

Thermodyne International Ltd.
{Meets ASO/[Military] MIL-STD-810/108/648/2073 MIL-C-172/4150 MIL-P-116 MIL-T-4734/21200 MIL-PRF-28800}

Volunteer Case & Container, LLC.
{Shipping/Carrying/Military Cases Meets MIL-C-4150/MIL-STD-810/MIL-T-2880}

Zero Enclosures
{Meets ATA300/[Military] MIL-C-4150/MIL-STD-108}

Air Transport Association of America, Inc. "ATA"
{Standards Link}

Compact PCI Vendors

APW Electronic Solutions
{CompactPCI Enclosures/Card Cages}

Carlo Gavazzi
{ Tower Enclosures, Desktop, Rackmount - Bolted / welded construction Horizontal / Vertical loading Compact PCI Chassis}

COTS Technologies
{cPCI Chassis}

Diversified Technology
{Compact PCI Chassis}

{Compact PCI}

{6U Rack Enclosure/19" wide/1U Fan Tray-3U Enclosure reduced in width to 8.5 inches (42 TE). IEEE 1101.10 compatible}

{Compact PCI [cPCI] Chassis}

it enclosures Inc.
{Compact PCI Enclosure}

Knurr USA Inc.
{Compact PCI 3 HE, 8 slot/6HE, 8 Slot, Rear I/O/5HE, 8 Slot}

Systems Integration Plus Inc.
{Compact PCI Chassis}

Performance Tech
{4U / 12U cPCI / PICMG 2.16 Chassis}

Schroff North America
{cPCI Chassis and Subracks}

Tracewell Systems
{Compact PCI}

Vector Electronic Company
{1U-5U High Horizontally Mounted Cards, 3U-9U High Vertical Mounting Cards}

ATR Avionics Chassis {Air Transport Rack [Military]}

Aitech Defense Systems Inc.
{ATR MIL [Military]/Rugged}

American Rugged Enclosures 'ARE'
{ATR Chassis}

AP Labs
{ATR Chassis}

CM Computer
{ATR chassis supporting VME32 and VME64x backplanes}

DY 4
{Avionics Chassis}

MacroLink Inc.
{ATR Chassis}

Primagraphics Ltd.
{Rugged COTS ATR enclosure complies with ARINC Specification 404A}

Thales Computers
{Airborne Rack enclosure}

Vista Controls, A Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems Company
{ATR Chassis}

VME Chassis Manufacturers

{VME Chassis-Fan Trays}

Aitech Defense Systems Inc.
{Rugged VME Chassis - Military VME Chassis - Military Mobile VME Chassis}

American Rugged Enclosures 'ARE'
{VME Chassis}

AP Labs
{VME Rugged-Standard-3 to 18 slot}

APW Electronic Solutions
{VME Enclosures/Card Cages/Subracks}

Arizona Digital
{Standard/Custom Backplanes-Boards-Extender-Bridges}

Aydin Displays Inc.
{Shock and vibration isolated Military Rugged VME chassis}

Bi Ra Systems
{Powered Crates in CAMAC,NIM, and Blowers & Cooling units}

Carlo Gavazzi
{Tower Enclosures, Desktop, Rackmount - Bolted / welded construction - Horizontal / Vertical loading VME, VME64x Chassis}

C-MAC MicroTechnology
{VME Card Cages}

COTS Technologies
{VME Chassis}

Dawn VME Products
{3 to 5 Slot VME Chassis - Full Size VME Chassis - Standard - TableTop}

DY4 Systems Inc.
{VME ATR/Commercial Chassis}

Elma Electronics Inc.
{Tower-Desktop-Industrial-Rugged-[Military] to 901D}

Hybricon Corp.
{1101.10-Portable Tower-Rack Mount-Desktop-Powered-BackPlanes}

MacroLink Inc.
{VME Rugged Chassis}

MCH Systems
Rugged retma rackmount and ATR VME chassis}

OKW Enclosures Inc.
{Single/Double Aluminum A/B Size Enclosures}

One Stop Systems
{VME Chassis}

Schroff North America
{VMEbus Subracks}

Systems Integration Plus Inc.
{VME Chassis-Rack Mount/Desk Top}

Tracewell Systems
{VME Chassis-SubRacks-Backplanes-Accessories}

Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc.

Vero Electronics Inc. "APW"
{VME SubRacks - VMEbus Extender cards - VMEbus BackPlanes}

{VME Crates}

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