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ESCS  supplies  a wide range of Military connectors from many of the following Manufacturers:

Allen Electronic Connector{Military RF Connectors}

Amphenol Corp.{MIL-C-5015/MIL-C-38999/MIL-C-26482/MIL-C-26500/MIL-C-83723}

Applied Engineering Products 'AEP'{MIL-C-83513/MIL-C-24308/MIL-C-5015/MIL-C-38999/MIL-C-26500/MIC-C-63729/MIL-C-28840/26482/27599/83723/24308}

Aromat {Military M39012 [SMA] connectors}

Astrolab, Inc. {Military Flat cable connectors}

BTC {Coaxial pin /socket contacts per MIL-C39029/102 /103 meets requirements of MIL-C-38999 / MIL-C-83823}

Bulgin Components PLC{MIL-C-5015/21097/24308/26482/26500/28748/28754/38999/39012/39024/39029/49142/55302/ many others}

CINCH Connector Div. {Military Connectors}

Components Corp. {MIL-C-26500 Cylindrical}/MIL-DTL-24308 D  Type

Continental Connector Company {MIL-C-5015/MIL-C-26482/MIL-C-38999}

Conxall Corp. {MIL-C-55302}

CRISTEK Interconnects, Inc. {Contact threaded MIL-C-5015 type plastic Power connectors}

Delphi {MIL M83513/M24308/M55302/M81714/Hermetic}

Delta Electronics Manufacturing {M28804-M28840 connectors}

EMP Connectors {MIL-C-3655/MIL-PRF-39012}

Framatome Connectors International 'FCI'{D-Sub/Microminiature/Rectangular/MIL-C-83513/MIL-C-24308/MIL-C-5015/MIL-C-38999/MIL-C-26482/MIC-C-28840}

G&H Technology, Inc{Military Connectors}Glenair Inc.{MIL D38999 Series III/IV - MIL-C 28840 Shipboard Connectors}

HIREL Connectors Inc.{MIL 38999/28840/5051}

Hirose Electronic{MIL-C-5015/26482/26500/38999/81511/81703/83723/MIL-PRF-83513,/EN2997/ESC10/ESC11}

ITT Cannon {Military Connectors}

Lapp Limited {Combo D with coax and power, High Reliability D (Military and Space), Micro D, Press fit D, Filter D}

Lemo USA{MIL-C-5015 / MIL-C-26482 Cylindrical Circular Connector }

Midwest Microwave {Rugged-Military}NAIS {Microwave Coaxial SMA Connectors MIL-C-39012}

Nemal Electronics International Inc.{MIL Spec Flat Cable Connectors}

ODU-USA Inc. {MIL-C-10544/MIL-C-55116 connectors}

Positronic Industries{Military Cylindrical connectors}

Radiall S. A. {Space/MIL-PRF-24308-D Sub-D Combo}

Radiall-Jerrik {Rectangular/Pin Filtered Connector-MIL-C-28748/5/6/7}

Sabritec Inc. {MIL-C-38999/M26482/Rectangular/Pin Filtered D Connector-MIL-C-24308/M83513-ARINC}

TT electronics plc {Military Avionics coax/triax/filtered}

WPI, Inc. {Military Mil-C-5015 / Mil-C-26482 / Mil-C-38999 / MIL-STD 1553B}

Yeonhab Precision Co. LTD {MIL-C-21097/55116/55181/24308/10544/12520/55169}{MIL-C-5015/26482/38999 type connectors} 

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